Sammy Mason- Aerobatic Pilot

Sammy Mason was born to be a pilot. His parents run an airplane restoration business and also manage Santa Paula Airport (KSZP, aka “The Ranch”). What’s more, Sammy is named after his grandfather, a legendary airshow performer, Lockheed test pilot, International Aerobatic Club Hall of Fame inductee and the first person to fly a loop in a helicopter.

He started taking formal flying lessons from his Dad when he was just 10 years old. Sammy soloed a glider on his 14th birthday, and went on to Solo 10 different powered airplanes on his 16th birthday, including his Mom’s Piper Cub and his Dad’s 450 Stearman.

Sammy trained with airshow legand Wayne Handley to earn his statement of aerobatic competency, and then made history when he became the youngest airshow pilot in the world when he performed at his first airshow in 2010. Along with Airshows, Sammy started competing in Aerobatic Competition’s, quickly working his way up to the advanced category. In 2013, Sammy became the youngest member of the United States Advanced Aerobatic team. In 2014, Sammy became the West Coast Advanced Champion. Sammy flew his last contest in 2017, achieving his goal of a first place finish in the Unlimited Category in his Stock Pitts S1S.

In 2018, Sammy was invited to Europe to try out for the coveted Red Bull Air Race. After a two week training camp Sammy passed with flying colors. In 2019, Sammy made history again, by becoming the youngest person ever to compete in the Red Bull Air Race Challenger series.  Sammy’s best finish was 2nd place in Kazan Russia flying Red Bull’s Edge 540.  Unfortunately the Air Races came to end after the 2019 season. Today Sammy owns his Own Edge 540, and performs in Airshows all over the west coast and beyond.

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