West Coast Ravens

The West Coast Ravens are a group of pilots from our nation’s western states who fly their RV airplanes in formation at air shows and various other aviation events. They adhere to strict formation flying standards that were originally developed by the military, and fly with a degree of discipline and precision that rivals any other realm of civilian aviation. Their performance is a demonstration of skill and dedication to the art of formation flying.

They fly custom-built “RV” airplanes such as the RV-4, RV-6, RV-7, and RV-8. Their airplanes are powerful and highly maneuverable, which lends itself well to formation flying. Many built their our own airplanes in their garages and hangars. The West Coast Ravens have a tremendous sense of pride in this accomplishment, and this pride is also evident in the way they fly together. In all of their routines you will see symmetry, precision, and grace.

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