Vendor Electrical Terms

Central Oregon Airshow Inc., DBA Airshow of the Cascades Vendor Electrical Terms

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Vendor Electrical Power Requirements and Pricing

Is Electric Power “Requested” to be Provided by the Airshow?

Power Supplied By Vendor Must Be Quiet/Muffled/Inverter Generator

Amount of Power Requested:

  • 20 AMP Service Requested $50 (limit two)
  • 30 AMP Service Requested $75 (limit one)
  • 50 AMP Service Not Available


Terms & Conditions

  • Power is being requested by the vendor. No guarantee it will be suitable or that it will meet your complete requirements.
  • Supplying your own power and or emergency backup is highly
    recommended should there be a power outage, supply issues or other complications in providing a vendor power. If power has been paid for and not available, fees will be fully refunded.
  • Vendors must provide their own extensions cords.
  • A minimum of 200’ / 14-gauge cord is highly recommended.
    Consideration should be given to the size required to carry the AMPS needed to operate equipment.
  • Vendors need to provide adaptors that are required to connect to various types of power sources. It is highly recommended to bring a selection of adaptors and verify prior to arrival to avoid unexpected problems.
  • All generators must be of the quiet/muffled/invertor models.
  • Plan ahead to avoid unfortunate problems related to power during the event.


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