About Us

All Because of Friends

Our Beginnings

The Airshow of the Cascades began with a group of friends who were invited to fly over to their friend’s ranch once a year for a get together.

That ranch, just north of Madras, was the home of Ron Ochs, his wife Laurice, and their family. ​Ron and his family hosted several of these “fly-ins” at the ranch during the late 70’s and early 80’s and it became quite the event among the local residents.

Although not all of their friends had airplanes, however, and the resulting “cruise in” was created when the rest would drive their fancy show cars up to the ranch instead. The event became so popular, they agreed they should find a larger location and try bringing in a couple of aerial acts to spice things up a bit.

Former Madras Airport Manager, Don Mobley – a friend and experienced pilot who had experience with airshows in collaboration with the Ochs family, and many others, began building an airshow.

In 2000, the first official Airshow of the Cascades was held at the historic WWII Madras Airport and it has been growing and prospering there ever since.

A Charitable Non-Profit Organization

The Airshow of the Cascades was established as a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization which is led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and supported by several civic groups, an army of volunteers, along with a cadre of incredibly generous sponsors.

Each year, the Airshow provides an opportunity and a venue for local community organizations to raise money for their programs and scholarships (over $10,000/year and growing!), while our generous sponsors continue to provide the funding ​which allows the Airshow to offer FREE entry for our valued Veterans and for children 5 and under.  This keeps the Airshow a family and community-friendly event.

Up Close!

There aren’t many Airshows that can boast such an up close and personal experience with a spectacular scenic backdrop like the Cascade Mountain Range and a partnership with the world-renowned Erickson Aircraft Collection museum sharing the same runway.

We know ​we are truly lucky to have such a wonderful legacy to uphold, and we owe it to those who came before us, to continue to “keep ’em flying”.

Our enduring thanks goes out to The Ochs Family, Don Mobley, and all the others who ​made their dream a reality. We appreciate your ​trust in our Board and your commitment to our community!

Board of Directors

Nick Snead


Nick Snead works for the City of Madras and has been a volunteer for the Airshow since 2014. As a Madras resident he has a strong sense of advocacy for community, growth and support.

Joe Krenowicz


Joe Krenowicz is the Executive Director for the Madras Chamber of Commerce. He enjoys loud engines, fast planes, and watching families share an up close and personal Airshow. As Board President, he is involved in Public Relations & Media, but he also serves as our Logistics Coordinator. Joe has served on several local and Central Oregon boards, held elected positions with the City of Madras, and once owned a NAPA Auto Parts store. In his spare time he enjoys boating, camping, and snowmobiling.

Rick Allen


Rick Allen serves on the Airshow Board as the Secretary and Treasurer and, while he deals with many facets of the Airshow, his primary duties include finance and working with aerobatic performers. He spends his free time floating the rivers of the west and volunteering for his local fire department. Rick splits his time between business and public sector positions.

Amy Powers

Board Member

Amy has been with the airshow for 12 years and serves on the board of directors and is also the RV coordinator. Amy’s love of planes and airshows started many years ago when she would attend the Reno Air Races. She is a retired teacher and spent countless years helping to rehabilitate Measure 11 youth with the Justice Department and worked with a local homeless shelter for pregnant teens. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, riding her bike, boating and just about everything outdoors.

Amy Powers

Board Member

Ben Ochs

Board Member

Ben was raised on a cattle ranch near Madras. He and his siblings began flying with their father, Ron, off their alfalfa fields in Cessna 180’s and 185’s. They helped in the restoration of their 1941 Navy N3N-3 biplane and 1914 French Nieuport, a World War I fighter, now donated to the Museum of Flight near Seattle. They helped host fly-ins held at the ranch. Ben is a licensed pilot with time in a wide variety of aircraft. He serves as Fly-In Director and leads an excellent crew responsible for receiving all incoming aircraft, inviting antiques and unusual aircraft to the airshow.

Don Mobley


Don Mobley, is one of the founders of our Airshow. A former US Navy Pilot, Don flies corporate jets for Les Schwab during the day and was active in airshow management for many years in his spare time. Don has performed in past airshows flying a Pitts, RV-4, and most recently doing his famous Clown Act in a Citabria or Super Cub.

Judy Solso

Board Member

Judy Solso, moved to Madras in 2000 and became a volunteer with the Airshow to get involved in a community event. During her tenure, she has built great relationships with our sponsors, partners and vendors. As a former flight attendant, she’s a perfect fit for the Airshow. She is currently a buyer for a local business and works for 509-J School district.

Margaret Kincaid


Margaret Kincaid is a teacher who also coaches tennis at Madras High School. She came to Central Oregon in 1991 and has been very involved in her community including serving a seven-year position on the Madras Aquatic Center (MAC) Board as well as acting as Interim Executive Director. She is active on many boards including the American Legion Auxiliary…when she’s not teaching cake decorating! Margaret began volunteering at the Airshow in 2010 before becoming our first-ever Volunteer Coordinator in 2015. With the connections she has built over the years, she is an invaluable resource when it comes to Volunteers.

Melanie Widmer

Board Member

Melanie Widmer got involved in the early days of the Airshow through her work on the Madras Airport and Industrial Park Committee. She oversees Airshow Hospitality including performer transportation, VIP and other high profile guest areas. Melanie owns and operates Madras Sanitary Service, and is retired from a 14-year stint on Madras City Council, where she served her last six years as Mayor.

Ron Ochs


Sadly, we lost one of our Airshow founders in June 2020. Ron Ochs moved to the Madras area in the 1950’s and ran a cattle ranch. A former F-86 pilot, he flew private planes, restored an antique bi-plane (a Navy N3N-3), and built a World War I fighter (a French Nieuport) which now sits in the Museum of Flight near Seattle.

He and his family hosted fly-ins at their ranch in the late 70’s and early 80’s which were popular and well attended by local residents. Eventually, the fly-ins moved to Madras and included aerial acts. The Airshow has named a Chalet in his honor.

Tom Brown


Tom Brown began working with the Airshow in the early stages. With a lifetime interest in aircraft and photography, the Airshow was a natural fit for his talents. A life-long resident of Madras and local business owner, Tom has volunteered for many years on the Madras City Council, Redevelopment Commission, Airport-Industrial Site Committee, Chamber Board, Boy Scouts and many others. He and his wife spend their free time traveling and doing photography.